Local Single Qualifier Boards


Singles Tournament

How Does It Work?

        Play is the same as regular weekly play, except it is an individual competition instead of team. It costs $20 to play with a full board of 8 people.
  1. It's first-come first-serve in increments of eight. Skill levels will be placed on boards with similar skill levels if enough players of that skill level participate.
  2. It is a single-elimination tournament (once you lose, you’re done). The whole thing takes about 3- 4 hours for each winner to play 3 rounds.
  3. There is one winner for every group or “board” of 8 people. The winner of the final match gets a seed at the closest Regional Tournament where they will play in the same format for a trip to the National Singles Tournament in Las Vegas.
  4. When there are not 8 players available to play, the Singles Boards can be played with a minimum 4 participants. The Board cost will be split between the players. 


Congratulations to the following players who will be participating in the Fall 2022 Regionals.



Lisa Fidell 
Alex "Wiz Kid" Stevens
Kelley Pearson
Francisco "Pancho" Gutierrez 
Bruce Herman
Ravi Sharma
Sue Damschroder 
Nelson Terron
Mark Nowicki 
Edgar "Freddy" Garcia
Joseph Weyandt 


Jj Spelman
Danny Fittro 
Sue Damschroder 
Nelson Terron
Mark Nowicki 

For more information on what happens when you qualify at Regionals:

9-Ball Singles Championship