Singles Qualifiers/ Championships



How Does It Work?


        Play is the same as regular weekly play, except it is an individual competition instead of team. It costs $20 to play, with Free $2 table time.
1. It's first-come first-serve in increments of eight. Pre-registration   is strongly encouraged. (it makes things so much easier!) If you show up that day you may or may not get a slot.
2.  It is a single-elimination tournament (once you lose you’re done). The whole thing takes about 3 hours for each winner to play 3 rounds.
3. There is one winner for every group or “board” of 8 people.16 people produce 2 winners, etc. Each board starts with 4 matches; the 4 winners play 2 matches to determine the finalists. The winner of the final match gets a seed at the closest Regional tournament (we've been going to a town this side of Toronto about 3 hours away) where they will play in the same format for a trip to the National Singles Tournament in Las Vegas. 
4. Singles Boards are played with a minimum 4 participants. The Board cost will be split between the 4 players.  
5.       Locally, boards are divided as much as possible by skill level. If we have enough people, 2's play 2's and 6's play 6's etc.
6.       At the Regional level and above, there are three tiers For 8-Ball that never intersect. The Blue Tier has 2's and 3's only. The Yellow Tier has 4's and 5's, and the Purple Tier has 6's and 7's.                                                                                                                                             7. 9-Ball Skill Level Tiers: Green Tier (skill levels 1-3), White Tier (skill levels 4-5), Gray Tier (skill levels 6-7) and Black Tier (skill levels 8-9).
 8. At Nationals each Tier winner gets $15,000. Statistically, this tournament is especially lucrative for 2's and 3's. We have had National Events with only 17 2's and 3's competing for $15,000! 17 people competing for $15,000!

To Register locally go to "Tournament Registration" on the
left menu side, then click "Singles
For more information on what happens when you qualify at Regional's! Visit:

9-Ball Singles Championship