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Servicing Hillsborough County.
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 Email: tampabay@apaleagues.com

OFFICE/STAFF HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY 12:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m. During league play, please call your Division Representative. Their numbers are located on the left tab of this site under "Board of Governors". Otherwise, leave a text or voicemail at the office number and we'll get back to you asap. Thank you.  



 All LTC qualified teams must stay in the top 50% of your division.

"Qualified teams that do not finish in the top half of their division in the sessions after they qualify are subject to heavy scrutiny of their handicaps and/or potential loss of qualification." -Official Team Manual, pg 75 
Your Spring Roster is the Roster you will play with at the LTC for Vegas.  Please make sure that all players have 4 matches played during the Spring Session to play in Playoffs or Spring Tricups.  
VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  ALL New players must have played 10 matches to be able to play for your team in the LTC's. This can include matches on other teams, single boards, and playoff matches. Pay particular attention to your new players because they often don't get 10 matches on your team during the session if you don't make sure of it.  Don't wait till the last minute to get their ten because if your opposoing team forfeits, they won't get thier match in .  Forfeited matches do not count hen you can wait till the last week of play to get someones match in and their opposing team forfeits.  Forfeits do not count as a match played    in their respective format in the last two years by the end of the Spring Session

Just log in to your Online Member Services at members.poolplayers.com. Click on the "Renew for 2019" link then complete your online renewal. Sorry, but our APA App doesn't give you a link to renew your Membership right now, but it will in an upcoming update. 
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In the APA, Everyone can Play & Anyone can Win!

We are now offering more ways to get to Vegas than with an 8 man team!  Whether you want to compete as an individual, or want to compete as doubles, we have it with APA! Click on "Calendar" tab to see the list of dates and other info.  Click on "Tournament Info" for description of each tournament and the eligibility requirements.

The APA is the World's Largest Amateur Pool League with more members than all other amateur leagues combined. Nationally, The APA currently has over 260,000 members (and growing). The Tampa Bay APA league has teams throughout Hillsborough County.

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More Players. More Divisions More Money & Opportunities For Nationals than any other league in Hillsborough County~.     

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LTC Information for all teams

Your Spring Roster is your Roster for the LTC.


8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies, 8-Ball Open, 8-Ball Super30, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open, Masters


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March 2019
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
Apr 6 2019 1:00PM - Apr 6 2019 6:00PM 8-Ball Singles Tournament
Apr 6 2019 1:00PM - Apr 6 2019 6:00PM 9-Ball Singles Tournament
Apr 6 2019 1:00PM - Apr 6 2019 6:00PM Jack & Jill Qualifier
Apr 7 2019 10:00AM - Apr 7 2019 6:00PM Juniors LTC
Apr 13 2019 10:00AM - Apr 13 2019 6:00PM Ladies LTC
Apr 15 2019 7:00PM - Apr 18 2019 11:00PM 2019 Spring Playoffs
Apr 20 2019 10:00AM 2019 Summer Captains Meeting
Apr 20 2019 11:00AM - Apr 20 2019 5:00PM 8-Ball Singles Tournament
Apr 20 2019 11:00AM - Apr 20 2019 5:00PM 9-Ball Singles Tournament
Apr 20 2019 11:00AM - Apr 20 2019 6:00PM Captains Roster Rumble
Apr 22 2019 7:00PM 2019 Summer session begins
May 1 2019 9:00AM - May 5 2019 11:00PM APA Pool Player Championships
May 11 2019 11:00AM - May 11 2019 11:00PM Masters LTC
May 18 2019 9:00AM - May 18 2019 11:00PM 2019 Spring 9 Ball Tricups
May 19 2019 9:00AM - May 19 2019 11:00PM 2019 Spring 8 Ball Tricups
May 25 2019 1:00PM - May 25 2019 7:00PM Team Captain Vegas Qualifier
May 26 2019 1:00PM - May 26 2019 6:00PM Jack & Jill LTC
May 31 2019 9:00AM - Jun 2 2019 11:00PM 2018/19 9-Ball LTC
Jun 7 2019 9:00AM - Jun 9 2019 11:00PM 2018/19 8-Ball LTC
Jun 27 2019 8:00AM - Jun 30 2019 11:00PM APA Junior Championship
Nov 6 2019 8:00AM - Nov 10 2019 11:00PM U.S. Amateur Championship