Jack & Jill Qualifiers/Championship 

We are having qualifiers throughout the year here locally in Tampa for our active APA members.  The winners of these qualifiers will play in a FINAL Vegas qualifying event to win a slot to play in the Jack and Jill 8-Ball Championship in Las Vegas on August 11th-13th, 2021
 Entry fee is $40 per Team for all qualifiers including the Final one to Vegas: All entry fees from all the qualifiers and the final event will be paid to the winning Team for assistance. The skill level limit on the Team is 10. Both players must be on an active Spring 8-ball Team and have 10 8-Ball matches in the last two years to play in our qualifiers.
Each monthly qualifier will be single elimination.  The Final J&J World Qualifier will be a single modified final event. 
This event requires preregistration. Once registered you will be responsible for the $40 entry fee in the event of a no-show and you forfeit your placement on the board.
Winners of the World Qualifier must have at least 20 original 8-Ball scores in the last 2 years by July 1st, 2020 to play in the Championship. Must also have 4 matches played on an active Spring 8-Ball Team & stay active Summer roster if you win. 

Click here for information on the Jack & Jill Championship>>
Jack & Jill Championship 


Congratulations to our Jack and Jill World Qualifier Winners! 

 Rob Kurzawski & Morticia Stanaland