We are excited to announce that APA now has a Team Captains Championship in Las Vegas August 11th-13th, 2021.  We will hold Qualifiers through out the year to see which team will advance to our Final Vegas Qualifier. Winners of the FINAL Vegas Qualifier win a trip to Vegas to compete in the Championships!!  

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Team Captain Championship Information
2020 Event Flier  
 Click here to see all rules and qualifications for our Team Captains Vegas Qualifiers!
$20 Per Person on the team.
Max of 5 players allowed on the roster.
Players must have a minimum of 20 scores within the last 2 years in at least one of the formats listed above. 
Players must have played at least four (4) times in the Spring Session in the League area the team represents. Matches played can be in either the standard 8-Ball, 9-Ball or Ladies formats. 
TWO sessions as Team Captain, in the respective league year, of a standard 8-Ball, 9-Ball or Ladies team.
Players must have completed TWO (2) sessions as Team Captain  in the respective league year, of a standard 8-Ball, 9-Ball or Ladies team of any combination of the following FIVE (5) sessions: 2019 Summer, 2019 Fall, 2020 Spring, 2020 Fall or 2021 Spring. You usually need to have been captain 2/3 sessions in the same league year but since we were not allotted a slot in the 2021 League year, we have permission to open the field to include more captains. Please click HERE for more info! Must pre-register for a guaranteed spot
Teams may choose any 3 of the 5 members to participate in each match. 
The total skill level of the 3 players cannot exceed 15.
A player's highest skill level between formats (8-Ball & 9-Ball) must be used towards the 15-Rule with the exception that 9-Ball skill level 8/9's will count as a 7 in this tournament.
Players may only participate on ONE team. 
One time out per player, per game will be allowed.
Alternate between 8-Ball and 9-Ball racks, starting with 8-Ball.
Only one player of skill level 6 or higher, sometimes referred to as a senior skill level player, may play in any given match. 
Team Captains flip a coin to decide who must declare their three players for the match. Winner of the flip has the choice of declaring first or having the opposing Team Captain choose first. The Captains will list their players in ascending order (lowest to highest). That list determines the player rotation, and is locked for the match. Once both teams in a match have declared their players, the players cannot be changed unless the 15-Rule is in jeopardy. 
Order of play will be lowest skill level to highest.
Players lag to see who wins first break.
Once the first two players have completed their rack of 8-Ball, the second two players in the rotation will play a rack of 9-Ball. Upon that rack’s completion, the next two players in the rotation will play a rack of 8-Ball. Once set, the player rotation continues until a team reaches the required points necessary to win the match. 
Each individual rack is worth one team point.  
Team Captains Qualifiers: 

Joe Forcucci's Captain's Team
Feb. 6th at Stix