Masters Format:
 Masters Division is geared towards the highly skilled players in the APA. The Masters Division is team play (3-4 members per team) and is a non-handicapped/no Skill Level Limit league.

Following the U.S. Amateur Championship rules and format, each match in Masters Division is a race to 7 and will include 8 games of 9-Ball and 5 games of 8-Ball. Come and play with the sharpshooters...see if you can hang!!

A coin flip determines which team picks a player to shoot the night's first match. A player is chosen and announced to the opposing team. The opposing team then decides who on their team is best suited to play that player and the match is set.

In APA Masters, there are no skill levels. It is a straight race to 7, eight games of 9-Ball & five games of 8-Ball. The winner of the lag has choice of game format to begin the match, or they can choose the initial break; the entire set of that format must be completed before playing the other format. 8-Ball is played like it is in regular league, but unlike the regular 9-Ball leagues, it is about pocketing the nine in 9-Ball. In addition, the 'push out' is allowed after the break during games of 9-ball and the use of jump cues are allowed in Masters Division play.

Players will earn one point for each game won. The first player to 7 total games wins the match. With the match decided, the process is repeated with teams alternating who puts up a player first in each of the remaining two matches. Once the three matches are completed, points earned are added up with teams being able to earn a maximum of 21 points per night.

American Poolplayers Association of Tampa Bay Local Bylaws 

League Year 2019- 2020 

                             MASTERS Division Bylaws


We welcome our teams to the American Poolplayers Association (APA) of Tampa Bay. All players are expected to read the local bylaws. Carefully following the bylaws will help us provide you with better service, allowing us to operate the League more smoothly, and make the APA pool league more fun!!! 

Good luck and good shooting, 

           Jeanette Lee “The Black Widow” 


The Local Bylaws complements and/or supersede rules in the Official Team Manual. The Local Bylaws will be strictly enforced. Non-compliance could cost your team bonus points, a playoff spot, and a chance to advance to the Local or World Pool Championships. 

IMPORTANT– The Local Bylaws are updated when necessary. Local Bylaws are available via the League’s website for your convenience. Please be aware that printed copies of the bylaws may not reflect the most recent   updates.   The   official   Local   Bylaws   are   located   on the APA of Tampa Bay web site      at




It is expected for all teams to treat each other with mutual respect during a match. Sportsmanship is a big part of playing in the APA. This is not a money league, and any sharking, hustling or anything of that nature will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun and a good time. Please don’t spoil it for others! 


Complaints: Sportsmanship complaints, handicap complaints, and official protests must be submitted in writing, the night of play or within twenty-four (24) hours of play. Division Reps will have complaint forms. Complaints should be submitted on the appropriate form. No fee shall be required to issue a complaint or to file an official protest. 

Complaints or comments should be taken up between both CAPTAINS, not team members, to resolve. If it cannot be resolved, then it should be resolved with Division Rep. Otherwise, Division Rep will contact League Office or email or write in a written complaint. All issues should be resolved immediately while all parties are present. 


5 Star Sportsmanship Program: Team Captains/Co-Captains are encouraged to rate their opposing team, immediately after play. These scores will be reviewed during each session and awards will be awarded or corrective actions taking according to the program rules. 


Physical Contact (Altercations):  Physical contact is  the  hostile  physical  contact  between  two    players. IMMEDIATE ACTION - If hostile physical contact occurs, THE MATCH IS OVER! Team Captains and League Management will take the appropriate actions to rectify the matter. See the Official Team Manual for full disclosure of immediate actions. 

Scenarios and Actions: 

A.              To any person who starts a fight or brawl- 1 year suspension to permanent termination of League and APA membership 

B.               To a person who gets into a fight or a brawl defending himself- a minimum one-month suspension if first offense, and much longer if otherwise 

C.               To someone who consistently uses foul or intimidating language- three-month suspension, and longer for a second offense 

D.              To someone who uses lesser degrees of verbal abuse- probation, and suspension as deemed appropriate. 


Suspended Players- Any individual or team suspended from League play will immediately lose certain other membership privileges, including eligibility for APA tournaments, until and unless the suspension is lifted. If they qualified for any tournament, locally or nationally, qualification is forfeited. Once a player is suspended, that player will not have the privilege to coach their team, keep score or put up players, until their suspension has been lifted. Breaking this rule may result in a much lengthier suspension and would cost their team the entire match if the suspension rules are broken. 

MASTERS Division Bylaws


All rules, policies, and procedures included in the Official Team Manual and ADMINISTRATIVE Bylaws apply to Masters Divisions including the below: 


Play Fee is $30/Team, per match. Teams will play two matches, every other Sunday. 


  1. There will be no Skill Level Limit
  2. A maximum of 4 players will be permitted on a roster; 3 of the 4 team members will participate in each team match. 
  3. Each individual match will be a race to 7. This includes eight (8) games of 9-Ball and five (5) games of 8-Ball. Players will earn 1 point for each game won. A team can earn a maximum of 21 points per match. 
  4. Team Captains will flip and the winner has the choice to put up first. The winner of the lag will have choice of format (8-Ball or 9-Ball) or the break. Once the format has been chosen, the entire set of that format must be completed before moving to the next format. 
  5. Masters 9-Ball – The player has won the game when he has legally pocketed the 9-Ball without scratching. 
  6. Push Out – The push out is allowed after the break during games of 9-Ball. 
  7. Coaching is not allowed. 
  8. Jump Cues – The use of jump cues is allowed in Masters Division play. Be aware that even though Masters’ rules allow for the use of jump cues, Local League Bylaws or Host Location “house rules” may choose to limit or strictly prohibit their use. 
  9. Byes – 15 points are awarded. No bonus points are awarded.


MAKE UP MATCHES: Makeup matches are a MUST if a team(s) cannot make the regularly scheduled match. We prefer for teams to pre-play the makeup rather than playing it after the original schedule date, when possible. No points will be awarded to either team after this time. 


Make up matches must be called into the APA office prior to play. 

Since we utilize the replay rule, please do everything in your power not to inconvenience the other teams by requesting makeup matches if at all avoidable. 


  • Teams that are requesting a makeup should contact the opposing Team Captain at least 24 hours prior to match start. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.  Please make sure to request that the league office or division rep contact the opposing team captain for a makeup match AT LEAST 24 hours before the scheduled match. Division rep info is listed on the website and the top of your scoresheets.  It is the team captain’s responsibility to confirm with the opposing team that the makeup request was received.  We suggest getting all the team captains phone numbers in advance.  The League Office is not permitted to provide phone numbers without prior permission. Just leaving a message without confirmation back will not be accepted. Please make sure the division rep and league office has your correct contact info. 


·      Replays will be allowed up to the 8th week of session play. Adding new players to the roster will be allowed up to 10 weeks in the session.  Rosters will be locked in the last 6 weeks of the session.


FORFEITS:  Any team that “No Shows” for a match, with no contact with opposing team, therefore allowing the other team to get ready and show up for a match for no reason will be responsible to pay the full teams fees for both their team and the opposing.  It is only proper respect and courtesy to let the opponents know that they don’t need to show up for the match.  Both teams will be responsible for forfeits as long as the forfeiting team contacts the other team to let them know at least 2 hours in advance of the scheduled match time. We advise all team captains to make a point of having the other captain’s phone number as well as the division rep and the league office number.  It is not our responsibility to arrange your forfeits.  You must take the initiative to get the other opponents contacted in time. Don’t wait till the last minute.


Forfeits- . Forfeit points/individual match is 2. (3 points in playoffs.) Team forfeit is worth 5 points and Team fees must be paid by both teams the following week with a scoresheet

Teams are only allowed 2 weekly forfeits (two team matches) to not lose eligibility to participate in the playoffs. All Make up matches must be played and turned in three weeks before the end of the session. Weekly fees are still due by both teams. 

  • Players should not take more than 30 seconds to shoot. 
  • If the cue ball is heading toward a pocket and either player puts their hand in the pocket to stop it in case it scratches, it’s a foul, regardless if the cue ball falls or not. This will result in ball in hand for opponent. 
  • If object balls are accidentally disturbed at any time, balls are to be replaced as closed to the original positions as possible. If this cannot be accomplished and if agreed upon by both players, the game will be replayed. 


Playoffs – Playoffs and championship matches will now be scored as they are during League night. Points vs. 

Match wins. However, at the World Pool Championship, matches will be scored by Match wins. If realized after the fact that an extra game of 8 or 9-Ball has accidentally been played- then that game is scratched, move on to the next game. 

Players must have played a minimum of six (6) matches with their team during the session, to be eligible to play in playoffs/championships and, have a minimum of 10 total 8-Ball or 9-Ball in the past two years. Rosters are locked with six (6) weeks remaining in the session. Only players who appear on the roster the final six weeks, with the required number of matches played, will be allowed to play. In addition, to meet the Championship rules for qualified Masters Teams; all players must play a minimum of 4 matches during the spring session to play in Cities and Las Vegas. And, all players must be on a roster in the following summer session on an 8-Ball or 9-Ball division or on a Masters Division 
  • In a division of 5 or fewer teams, the 1st place and one Wild Card team advance to playoffs. There will be one week of playoffs, and the winner will advance to the session’s Tri-Cup. 
  • In a division of 6-9 teams, the first-place team will automatically advance to the session’s Tri-Cup. The 2nd through 4th place teams and one Wild Card team will advance to playoffs. There will be one week of playoffs and two teams will advance to the session’s Tri-Cup. 
  • In a division of 10-16 teams, the first-place team will automatically advance to the session’s Tri-Cup. The 2nd through 6th place teams and one Wild Card team will advance to playoffs. There will be one week of playoffs, and three teams will advance to the session’s Tri-Cup. 

Local Team Championship (LTC): In 5 or less teams, all qualified teams will be allowed to play in a ladder-style format tournament based on the Spring Session. In 6 or more teams, there will be a single-modified tournament.  The Division Champions in each session will be seeded into the LTC by being the first to get the Byes, if any.  The higher finishing team of the three Division Champions in the Spring Session will get the first byes. The LTC participating teams will be seeded by ranking.  Any byes in the tournament will also be placed by ranking, therefore, further incentivizing teams to finish higher in the division to receive any byes.   First place in this event tournament will receive a trophy plus 60% of the travel assistance money.


  • First place in the division will receive team plaques and, if there is a second Vegas slot, 40% of the travel assistance. If the division champions also win the tournament, then the second place team in the LTC will get the second slot and 40% of the travel assistance.
  • If There is not a second slot, the remaining $ will go to the First place LTC Champions.  


Other Awards:  We will award Captains Choice awards to all teams. This means prior to the last month of the session, Captains are to select a member of the team that they deem to be an integral part of the team, whether by their play, attendance, sportsmanship or team spirit. 


Sudden Death- In the third individual match at the 2 hours, 15-minutes mark (or 1 hour and 10-minutes if dual) all subsequent matches may become a race to one (1). This will be at the Tournament Director’s discretion. 

Unlike the other APA formats, the Masters Divisions are NOT HANDICAPPED. Handicaps help "level the playing field" between a variety of Skill Levels, but the APA Masters format is more suited to highly skilled players looking for the challenge and opportunity to play against other high-level players.


Masters Format


·         3 Person Teams- APA Masters teams are allowed a maximum of 4 players per roster. Only 3 players play in one night allowing for each team to have 1 alternate in case of illness or other obligations.

·         No 23 Rule- APA Masters format is not intended to “level the playing field” to compensate for a variety of skill levels. Therefore, it is unnecessary to impose a skill level limit as with our 8-Ball and 9-Ball formats. A team may be composed of all skill level 7’s and 9’s. However, many mid-level players choose to participate in the APA Masters format for the chance to compete with some of the best players in Tucson and, with the intention of improving their game. 

·         Race to 7 (8 games of –Ball and 5 games of 8-Ball) – At the start of a match, players lag and the winner may choose:

a.                   To break first

b.                  The first format to be played (either 8-Ball or 9-Ball)


·         If the winner of the lag elects to break first, the opponent gets to choose the first format to be played. Or, if the winner of the lag elects to choose the first format to be played, the opponent gets the first break.

·         Once the first format has been chosen, the entire set must be completed before moving on to the next format.

·         WINNER BREAKS - Once a game has been won, the winner gets to break in the next game as opposed to an "alternating breaks" format.

·         NO COACHING - Coaching is for the benefit of less knowledgeable players.  The APA Masters format is not intended to "level the playing field" to compensate for a variety of Skill Levels; therefore, coaching is not allowed at any time during a match.  However, once a match is over, it is not uncommon for players to learn new techniques from each other through discussion or demonstration.

·         JUMP CUES ARE ALLOWED - The legal length for a jump cue is 40" and their use is allowed in the APA Masters format unlike in our handicapped formats which prevents highly skilled players from gaining an added advantage over the other players. 

·         8-BALL FORMAT - The APA Masters 8-Ball format is the same as the handicapped APA 8-Ball format.

·         9-BALL FORMAT - The APA Masters 9-Ball format is played just like regular (tournament/pro) 9-Ball.  A player DOES have the option of rolling out (push) after the break, but NO 3-foul strategy can be employed to win a game.