Anthony & Stephanie Spano Jeanette Lee “The Black Widow”

MASTERS Division

Play Fee is $30/Team, per match. Teams will play two matches, every other week.

TEAMS TO CONSIST OF 3 TO 4 PLAYERS: Masters Division is geared towards the highly skilled players in the APA. The Masters Division is team play (3-4 members per team) and is a non-handicapped/no Skill Level Limit league. 
  • There will be no Skill Level Limit.
  • A maximum of 4 players will be permitted on a roster; 3 of the 4 team members will participate in each team match.
  • Following the U.S. Amateur Championship rules and format, each match in Masters Division is a race to 7 and will include 8 games of 9-Ball and 5 games of 8-Ball.
  • A coin flip determines which team picks a player to shoot the night's first match. A player is chosen and announced to the opposing team. The opposing team then decides who on their team is best suited to play that player and the match is set.
  • In APA Masters, there are no skill levels. It is a straight race to 7, eight games of 9-Ball & five games of 8-Ball. The winner of the lag has choice of game format to begin the match, or they can choose the initial break; the entire set of that format must be completed before playing the other format. 8-Ball is played like it is in regular league, but unlike the regular 9-Ball leagues, it is about pocketing the nine in 9-Ball.
  • In addition, the 'push out' is allowed after the break during games of 9-ball and the use of jump cues are allowed in Masters Division play.
  • Players will earn one point for each game won. The first player to 7 total games wins the match. With the match decided, the process is repeated with teams alternating who puts up a player first in each of the remaining two matches. Once the three matches are completed, points earned are added up with teams being able to earn a maximum of 21 points per night.
  • Masters 9-Ball – The player has won the game when he has legally pocketed the 9-Ball without scratching.
  • NO 3-Foul strategy can be employed to win a game.
  • Masters 8-Ball - The APA Masters 8-Ball format is the same as the handicapped APA 8-Ball format.
  • Push Out – The push out is allowed after the break during games of 9-Ball.
  • Coaching is not allowed.
  • Jump Cues – The use of jump cues is allowed in Masters Division play. Be aware that even though Masters’ rules allow for the use of jump cues, Local League Bylaws or Host Location “house rules” may choose to limit or strictly prohibit their use.
  • Byes – 15 points are awarded.
  • Playoffs are scored just like regular league play.  LTC and Vegas is score by matches won (best of 3)


If you're interested in joining the Masters Division, please contact the local league office at 813-977-1499