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League Fees

All scheduled League match fees are considered Team Fees and are owed by each team. Fees should be split evenly amongst the players.  

Current Team Fees:
Standard 8-Ball- $50.00/Team Match ($10 per person)
Standard 9-Ball- $50.00/Team Match ($10 per person)
Ladies- $30.00/Team Match ($10 per person)
Masters- $30.00/Team Match ($10 per person)
  • Each team is responsible for submitting the correct amount of fees owed for that scheduled period of play. This includes any membership dues and "Past Due" amounts which may be noted on your team scoresheet. Failure to pay total fees due, may result in loss of bonus points and continued failure to pay could result in suspension from our APA League.  
  • Team fees should be placed in an envelope with your teams scoresheet. Please submit cash or checks. No loose change. The envelope should be sealed and placed in the APA Dropbox. Please include your team name and number on the outside of the envelope. 
  • Each team will be fully responsible for any and all missing dues. Checks should be used to avoid any theft or discrepancies in the amount submitted by the team.  Please make checks out to Tampa Bay APA
  • Each week a team is past due, they will lose bonus points each week until the past due is paid. Any teams with an excessive past due amount may be subject to suspension from the league.