APA Ladies Division
  • Maximum of 5 players allowed on roster.
  • Teams may choose any 3 of the 5 team members to participate in each match.
  • The total of the skill levels of the 3 players elded in any team match cannot exceed 13.
  • Standard coaching rules apply.
  • 8-Ball Format using a games must win chart.
  • 3-Point Scoring System.
  • Full team forfeits and Byes receive 4 points.
  • Individual forfeits receive 2 points in the regular session and 3 points in playoffs.

APA Ladies 8-Ball ChampionshipWe now, run the APA Ladies Division as a bi-weekly format with two matches played every other week. The team Skill Level Limit for the 3 matches will be 13 (which is a half of a skill level increase from 19 when playing 5 matches). Instead of the matches being played simultaneously, the second match will be played following the completion of the first match. Team fees will be $30.00 per team per match.

Our local APA will still be qualifying teams for Las Vegas through Ladies Division League play. The slot count for the tournament that we are awarded is based on our team count.


 LADIES Division Amended Bylaws


All rules, policies, and procedures included in the Official Team Manual and ADMINISTRATIVE Bylaws apply to Ladies Division including the below: 

Play Fee is $30/Team per match – Teams play two matches, every other week 


TEAMS TO CONSIST OF 3 TO 5 PLAYERS: Three ladies will play each match. 

▪ Skill level is a maximum of 13, per team for each team match. 

    ▪ Maximum of five players allowed on the roster. Teams may choose any three of the five team members to participate in each team match. 

▪ 3-point scoring system will be used (see Official Team Manual for more detail on scoring system) 

MATCHES REQUIRED: Players must have a minimum of 6 matches played during the session with their Ladies team to participate in the World Qualifier, and a minimum of 10 8-Ball matches played within 

the last 2 years by entry deadline to participate in the World Pool Championship in Las Vegas. Players must also have played a minimum of 4 times in the spring session in either Ladies or standard 8-Ball format. 

OTHER REQUIREMENT: Players must be on an active roster in either the standard 8-Ball format or on a Ladies Division roster. 


BYE POINTS: Teams will be awarded 5 points for a Bye. NO Bonus Points


MAKE UP MATCHES: Makeup matches are a MUST if team(s) cannot make the regularly scheduled match. No points will be awarded either team after this time. Forfeit points/individual match is 2. (3 points in playoffs.) Team forfeit is worth 5 points. 

▪ Individual matches are worth 2 points. Team forfeit is worth 5 points and must be paid the following week. 

▪ Make up matches must be called into the APA office prior to play. They should be played and turned in within a month of original match date. No points will be awarded to either team after this time. Since we utilize the replay rule, please do everything in your power not to inconvenience the other teams by requesting makeup matches if at all avoidable. 

▪  Teams that are requesting a makeup should contact the opposing Team Captain at least 24 hours prior to match start. Failure to do so, will result in a forfeit.  Please make sure to request that the league office or division rep contact the opposing team captains for a makeup match AT LEAST 24 hours before the scheduled match. Your division rep info is listed on the website and the top of your scoresheets.  It is the teams captain’s responsibility to confirm with the opposing team that the makeup request was received. We suggest getting all the team captains phone numbers in advance. We are not allowed to give out phone numbers without express permission. Just leaving a message without confirmation back will not be accepted. Please make sure the division rep and league office have your correct contact info. 


FORFEITS:  Any team that “No Shows” for a match, with no contact with opposing team, therefore allowing the other team to get ready and show up for a match for no reason will be responsible to pay the full teams fees for both their team and the opposing.  It is only proper respect and courtesy to let the opponents know that they don’t need to show up for the match. Both teams will be responsible for forfeits as long as the forfeiting team contacts the other team to let them know in at least 2 hours advance of the scheduled match time. 


JEOPARDY:  After week ten (10), if a team declares "Jeopardy" (due to a drop in team members forcing them to add players to their roster) they may not be eligible for the Ladies LTC tournament if they must add 3 or more players. 


ROSTER CHANGES: Any roster changes must be made up to and including week 10 (5th month of play). Changes after that must be approved by the Local League office. Changes must be in writing on the scoresheet as well as a member application with updated contact info.  Do not allow a player to play a match without paying their membership. If so, we will deduct their membership fee from the team fees and your team will be put past due without bonus points.

Any time after these periods, new additions must be approved by the League Office, prior to playing. No new players may be added in the last month of play.  You should inform any new player that all players will need six matches played to compete in Ladies LTC and 10 matches played in the last two years to play in the World Qualifier. 

To add a player to your roster, simply write the word “ADD” and the player’s name (next to the other names) on your copy of the weekly scoresheet. Ladies will play their first match as a Skill Level 3 (SL3). When you add a new player on your team, you must inform your opposing team at the beginning of the night of League play.
▪ If a team drops after the 4th week of play (two months), that team will be responsible for paying all the team fees for the rest of the League year. However, if any remaining members want to fill that team with new players, they can still do so without penalty through week 10. 
▪ If the team drops but one person wants to continue playing, she will be allowed to be added to another team without penalty IF they will allow her to join and ONLY on the condition that she pays her portion of any missed weeks between her old team that forfeited and the team that she newly joined. 
▪ New teams will be given one point less than the lowest ranked team in the division. If a team from the previous session joins late in the new session, they will be given one point less than the lowest ranked team in the division MINUS the bonus points. 


  • Show some leniency with new teams. Please help new teams understand APA rules, scorekeeping, and membership dues. Occasionally a new team misreads or misunderstands the schedule and rules of play. Please be kind and assist when necessary. Your Division Rep should also be available to assist. 
  •  Division winning teams and players are not eligible for the World Championship as a result of their participation in this format. All participants in Ladies Divisions are eligible to participate in the 8-Ball Classic. 


TEAM SKILL LIMIT RULE IN LADIES DIVISION PLAY, 13-RULE: The total of the skill levels of the three players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 13. A team playing fewer than three matches must show that it would not have exceeded 13 if the three matches had been played. If the 13-Rule is broken, the offending team will receive zero points for that League match. 

▪ The non-offending team would receive all points they won plus two points for the match in which the ▪ 13-Rule was broken and any subsequent matches. 

▪ When forming a new team, team members should exercise caution regarding the number of highly skilled players they recruit. If the team improves to where it can no longer comply with the 13-Rule, then it must play two players whose combined skill levels do not exceed 10, and forfeit the third individual match. 

▪ No team will be allowed to add a player to the roster for 13-Rule purposes after the tenth week of play without prior approval from the League Office. 

▪ Nonrated ladies playing for the first time (meaning they have not established a skill level yet) will play their first match as a skill level 3. 

▪ A violation of the 13-Rule has officially occurred when the rack is struck in the individual match that causes the violation. If your opponent violates the 13-Rule, notify the opposing Team Captain, and then note the violation on your scoresheet. 

▪ If the notation (protest) is not on the scoresheet when received by the League Office, it is too late to protest. Get into the habit of checking. 


Local Team Championship (LTC), also known as Playoffs in alternate divisions: In 5 or less teams, all qualified teams will be allowed to play in a ladder-style format tournament.  In 6 or more teams, there will be a single-modified tournament. Only 75% of the field will be allowed to compete. This will include one wild card spot that will be blind drawn from the bottom 25% of the field. There will not be more than 75% of the field included. So if the final number of  teams cannot be divided by 4 evenly, there will be less than 75% of the field. (For example, If there are 9 teams, 6 will qualify. If there are 10 teams, 7 teams will qualify. Entrants will be Five of the teams by ranking and the 6th in a wild card draw from the 6-9th team.) The LTC participating teams will be seeded by ranking.  Any byes in the tournament will also be placed by ranking, therefore, further incentivising teams to finish higher in the division to receive any byes.   
1.       First place in this event tournament will receive a trophy plus the travel assistance money.
2.       First place in the division will receive team plaques.

Other Awards:  We will award Captains Choice awards to all teams. This means prior to the last month of the session, Captains are to select a member of the team that they deem to be an integral part of the team, whether by their play, attendance, sportsmanship or team spirit.