Singles Boards are a local 8 person skill level based tournament. They are put on periodically throughout the session. Winners of the Singles Boards earn a spot in the Regional Singles tournament. The winners of the Regional tournament win a spot to compete in the National Singles tournament in Las Vegas. Tournament entry is $20 per person. There is no limit to the amount of times you can enter into a Singles Board.  You must have played 10 matches in the last two years in your respective format in order to be eligible to play in a singles tournament.

 Please note that every participant MUST play the tournament at their HIGHEST attained Skill Level. Such as the skill level assigned to you during a Tri-Cup or LTC. Or your current league skill level, whichever is higher. Any person found entering the tournament at a skill level lower than their own, will be disqualified.

 Check the calendar on the left bar to find out when the next Singles Board is being held.  Their number is at the top of your scoresheets each week