Divisions Currently Running

 Listed below are the Nights of play, the Division number and Division name, and the host location's names and area that the various teams chose to play out of within the division. You may also choose to build your own team and choose a new host location for a particular division so long as it's within the location range that the other teams play out of.  You should contact our office and we can help you from there. 

If you don't see something below that fits, help us create a new division on the night of your choosing. 813-977-1499

Monday 011 : 8-Ball In-House- Brewlands Billiards(Carrollwood)
Monday 911 : 9-Ball In-House- Brewlands Billiards(Carrollwood)
Monday 912 : 9-Ball Travel -Brandon/Riverview Area -(Lorraines, Ocho Blanco, The Water Hole, James Place)
Monday 913 : 9-Ball In-House - Baluka Billiards (Brandon)
Tuesday 021/921 : Double Jeopardy In-House- (play 8 ball & 9 ball the same night for the same team) Brewlands Billiards (Carrollwood)
Wednesday 031: 8-Ball Travel - Tampa Area- (Brewlands, Rough Rider Clubhouse, Peabody's, and Uncle Fats)
Wednesday 032/932 : Double Jeopardy In-House- (play 8 ball & 9 ball the same night for the same team) 
 Brewlands (Carrollwood)
Wednesday 033 : 8-Ball In-House- Brewlands(Carrollwood)
Wednesday 034 : 8-Ball Travel- Brandon/Riverview Area- (Rivers Edge Lounge, Baluka Billiards, Finish Line Saloon, The Alley at Southshore, Silver Dollar Lounge, Stingrays Bar & Grill,  Breakers Billiards, Big Dogs Patio.)
Wednesday 035 : 8-Ball In-House- James Place (Riverview)
Wednesday 036 : 8-Ball Bar Table Travel- Tampa Area- (Pit Stop Pub, Petes Place North, Longbar Pub & Grill, Green Parrott Pub)
Thursday 041: 8-Ball Travel- Tampa area- (Peabodys Billiards, Petes Place North, RJ's Bar & Grille, Bobalouies Grille)
Thursday 042 : 8-Ball In-House- Baluka Billiards
Thursday 043/943Double Jeopardy In-House- (play 8 ball & 9 ball the same night for the same team) 
 Brewlands (Carrollwood)
Thursday 044 : 8-Ball In-House- Brewlands Billiards 
Saturday 961 :(Every Other Saturday) 9-Ball Juniors Division at Brewlands Billiards
Sunday 971 : (Every other Sunday) Masters Division at Brewlands Billiards (play 2 Matches)
Sunday 071 : (3rd Sunday of the month) 8-Ball Ladies Travel Division- Brewlands Billiards, Baluka Billiards, Ruskin Moose Lodge (play 2 Matches)