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How to get in touch with our league:   Office:  813-977-1499

11401 N. 19th St, Tampa, 33612

Pat Giorgianni; League Owner/Operator: cell - 813-503-5401

Mike Almond: League Manager - cell  813-503-5402 




Call or visit our site at tampabay.apaleagues.com for more information

Email: apa@apatampa.com

 In the APA, Everyone Can Play & Anyone Can Win! 


New and returning players are always welcomed anytime no matter when league session started.  Spring Session is usually January; Summer Session is usually in May; and Fall Session is usually in September. Call us to get started.  


Life is too short! So: KISS slowly, LAUGH insanely, LOVE truly & FORGIVE quickly.   

Remember:  An excuse is the skin of a lie wrapped with a reason.




Saturday, October 25 - 8 & 9 Ball Scotch Doubles League at Balukas 

 Sunday, Oct 26  -  Masters League  & Single Qualifier Boards

 Vega Slot Assignment announced on October 23


Required Rules/Info for Various Leagues 


We have started the 8 & 9 Ball Scotch Doubles league on 2nd and 4th Saturday late afternoon, 5:00 pm so grab your partner and make sure you have a total handicap of 10 or less and play in 8 & 9 Ball. October 25 we will be at Baluka's to play and sign up more teams. This is for a slot to the Vegas Nationals in April. Hurry and get on board to win the travel assist pot and your slot to the Tournament.

Don't forget we have Masters League on the 2nd and 4th Sunday.   Any one interested in playing on a team or putting a team in give us a call at the office 813-977-1499 or text or call me on cell 813-503-5401. This is open to all players, just remember there is no handicap and we play the US Am format. A lot of mid skill players play in this where they have stiffer competition and learn a lot from our high skill level players. Hope to hear from you soon.
  Qualified teams:  
      Qualified Teams
         Div 011 Qualified:  Starting Over 
         Div 011 Qualified - Just Us            
         Div 012 Qualified - We Got This
         Div 013 Qualified - Harrisons
         Div 014 Qualified -  Nev Give Up
         Div 021 - 8Ball:   1st Place and Qualified:  Mental Midgets
         Div 022 - 9Ball:    1st Place and Qualified: Black Seeds
         Div 021 - Qualified - Double Trouble
         Div 022 - Qualified - Mental Midgets
         Div 031 - Qualified - Playmakers
                        Qualified - Tony's Tigers             
         Div 034 - Qualified:  Sharp Shooters
                     Qualified:  Racoon's Misfits 
          Div 035 - Qualified:  Just Got Lucky
               Qualified:  Booger Butts  
Thursday Night End of Session:
            Playoffs Div 041:
            1st Place and Qualified:  Rack N Roll
            Qualified:  Flying Cues   
            Playoffs Div 042:
            1st Place and Qualified:   Rack Our Balls
            Qualified:   Stroke This 
            Division 043 - Qualified - Toxic Touch



Qualifier Boards:   We will start back up on boards. These winners will play the Regional tournament first week of March and winners will play in the National Tournaments in Vegas in 2015.
At this time the charge is $160 per board and we are looking to discount this to $130 per board with the league making up the $30.  Max players per board 8 and Min. players per board 4.  We will also allow boards to be played and purchased by skill levels 8 & 9 in 9 Ball and skill levels 7 in 8 Ball.    I will post schedules by this week-end of the upcoming planned boards.




LTC Information for all teams
Tournament information to go to the LTC's straight from the rule book. 


Your Spring Roster is your Roster for the LTC.



 We service all of Hillsborough County, so have some fun and remember our moto:  "Everyone can play, Anyone can win".®


8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies Alt, 8-Ball Open, 8-Ball Other, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open, 9-Ball Other, Masters
Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool. :) Just call if you need a team to play on or want to have your own team. We will get you started. Always looking for more teams and players. Any additional info needed, just email me or give me a call.
Ask me how to qualify for the FREE TRIP to National tournaments in Vegas! Both for SINGLES & TEAM events. Find out about going to Vegas and all the tournament you can play in even if you did not win the Free Trip. Tons of fun in the BEST and largest amateur league in the world. Others claim it but we can prove it.


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