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The new mailing address for the league is:

23110 State Rd. 54 # 313

Lutz, FL 33549

Office:  813-977-1499

 New Email: tampabay@apaleagues.com

Misty and Jason Dusel and Jeanette Lee, new league operators, take over September 1, 2015 and will keep the same office number at this time.  


 In the APA, Everyone Can Play & Anyone Can Win! 

  New and returning players are always welcomed anytime no matter when league session started.  Spring Session usually starts January; Summer session usually starts in May; and Fall Session usually in September.  Start having fun.  This is a handicap league and is for Beginners and the more advance players.  Call us to get started and find out where your pool playing fits.  


Life is too short! So: KISS slowly, LAUGH insanely, LOVE truly & FORGIVE quickly.  


Masters and Ladies League Meeting August 30, at Bulls Club starting at 1:30.  Misty and Jason Dusel, the new league operators, will hold the meeting and answer questions about the new upcoming league for Masters and Ladies.


Also, Monday, September 7, Labor Day will not be a league holiday.  There will be pool scheduled for that night.  If you can not make your scheduled play YOU must contact the team you are to play and make arrangements to do a make up match within 2 weeks. 


At this time a Captain/Co-Captain/Player new session meeting is tentative for September 5th and more will be announced next week.  


 Time TO START UP OUR NO HANDICAP MASTERS DIVISION.   Get you roster set up and make sure you email me or call to let me know who will be playing.  Masters will play the 2nd and 4th  Sunday of each month and will play the US Am format of race to 7 ( 8 games of 9 ball and 5 games of 8 ball available to get your 7 wins).  Start time will be 1:30.  Date for the first master division meeting will be August 30, 2015 due to so many players in Vegas and not getting back in time for the earlier date. Rosters will be a min. of 3 players with a max of 4.  At this time to insure we have a nice travel assist fund set up cost of play will be a team fee of $30.00.  This will be a travel assist fund and not a payback fund.  As the National Office set up the rules for the 2016 event we will make sure everyone gets a copy.   


WE WILL BE STARTING UP THE NEW LADIES LEAGUE ON THE 3RD SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH STARTING AUGUST 30 (EVEN THOUGH THIS IS NOT THE 3ND SUNDAY with Nationals and all) will be a meeting to get things underway.  Start time will be 1:30 pm and as before we will play 2 rounds the same day but cost for the ladies will be $30.00 a team.  This is to give more travel assist fund as ladies is a team of min. 3 and max of 5.  This is not a payback fund, but a travel assist fund.  Total skill level of the 3 players playing can not exceed 13.  This is a handicap division.    Get your roster set and let me know asap who will be on your team.  


The Masters and Ladies League will be under the new management/league operators and the rules for both will be discussed at the Meetings scheduled for August 30 at the Bulls Club on Fowler Ave.  Scoresheets will be provided for the start at the meeting on the 30th of August.

 Additional UPComing SCHEDULE 
Our New Fall Session will begin week of September 6.  

Playoffs for Summer Session are:
Monday, Tampa, Division 011
               1st place going to the Tri Cups/Money Cups:  Ain't Scared

Work In Progress vs Starting Over - playing for Tri Cups Tournament

Jess & The Boys vs Just Us - playing for Tri Cups Tournament 


we will be going to a Tri Cup/Money Cups Tournament at the end of summer session.  A lot of counties have already moved to tri-cups This is something that the National Office has incorporated for all areas in the Country.  With one week of playoffs they will qualify them the same, but the round one winners would advance to the tri-cup.  So all divisions will play a playoff with the 1st place team playing a wildcard team and the 2nd and 3rd place team will play each other. The high point team at the end of the session will automatically advance to the tri-cup and the winning teams of the playoffs will advance to the tri-cup eliminating the reason for a second playoff. This will qualify 3 teams to the tri-cup for those divisions.The Summer Tri-Cups (like a small LTC) will be held September with winners going to the LTC.  All money now in the payback fund will be awarded at the tri-cups.  This will make all teams play to the best of their abilities to get in the money and win their chance to the LTC at the end of the pool year.  Should prevent a lot of sandbagging players.  More on this and the rules will be coming soon. 



8 OB = 8-ball made on the break

B&R = 8-ball break and run

S8OB = Scratcch on break, pocketed 8-ball

SO8 = Scratch while pocketing the 8-ball
8 WP = 8-ball in the wrong pocket
8OT = 8-ball out of turn (E8 - Early 8)

FO8 =  Fouled while pocketing the 8-ball
8OF = 8- ball on the floor
PNM= Pocket not marked for 8-ball


Required Rules/Info for Various Formats


We have Masters League on the 2nd and 4th Sunday.   Any one interested in playing on a team or putting a team in give us a call at the office 813-977-1499 or text or call me on cell 813-503-5401. This is open to all players, just remember there is no handicap and we play the US Am format. A lot of mid skill players play in this where they have stiffer competition and learn a lot from our high skill level players. 






LTC Information for all teams
Tournament information to go to the LTC's straight from the rule book.  Read It or it could hurt you not knowing your rules.


Your Spring Roster is your Roster for the LTC.



We service all of Hillsborough County, so have some fun and remember our moto:  "Everyone can play, Anyone can win".®


8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies Alt, 8-Ball Open, 8-Ball Other, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open, 9-Ball Other, Masters
Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool. :) Just call if you need a team to play on or want to have your own team. We will get you started. Always looking for more teams and players. Any additional info needed, just email me or give me a call.
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