Welcome to the Tampabay.apaleagues.com Web Site for Hillsborough County.  You can also find info on FaceBook at APA TampaBay Leagues

How to get in touch with our league:   Office:  813-977-1499

11401 N. 19th St, Tampa, 33612

Pat Giorgianni; League Owner/Operator: cell - 813-503-5401

Mike Almond: League Manager - cell  813-503-5402 




Call or visit our site at tampabay.apaleagues.com for more information

Email: apa@apatampa.com

 In the APA, Everyone Can Play & Anyone Can Win! 


New and returning players are always welcomed anytime no matter when league session started.  Spring Session is usually January; Summer Session is usually in May; and Fall Session is usually in September. Call us to get started.  The Fall Session will begin second week in September.  


Life is too short! So: KISS slowly, LAUGH insanely, LOVE truly & FORGIVE quickly.   

Remember:  An excuse is the skin of a lie wrapped with a reason.


 Prayers are needed!  Chase Kattel, age 21, and plays on Leon's team out of Fatso's was in a BAD accident last night and is in serious condition at St. Joseph Hospital.  Also, shorty out of the scoreboard and Giorgio out o Silver Dollar both had heart attacks this past week and are doing good.  Please include them in your prayers.


Ladies: don't forget that tomorrow, 9/21 we will hold a meeting at 1:00 for the Ladies League which will start at play at 1:30. If you are already on a team see you there and if you are not on a team but want to play on one we will be adding players to teams and making new teams, so we hope to see you there to get you started. Ladies league will meet and play the 3rd Sunday of each month. Playing for that Ladies Slot for Vegas 2015.

Don't forget we started Masters League on the 2nd and 4th Sunday.   Any one interested in playing on a team or putting a team in give us a call at the office 813-977-1499 or text or call me on cell 813-503-5401. This is open to all players, just remember there is no handicap and we play the US Am format. A lot of mid skill players play in this where they have stiffer competition and learn a lot from our high skill level players. Hope to hear from you soon.

 I want to start Double Jeopardy on Thursday night in the County area.  Anyone interested please let me know  Looking to start October 2 if enough of you are interested.  Great chance in getting LTC qualified in both 8 & 9 Ball.  Must play in host location with at least 2 tables.  Email, text (813-503-5401) or call me.  Several of you have requested it so here is your chance.  Let's get this done, Pat Giorgianni?


At the Meeting on Sunday we took a vote on several subject and I want to post those results for your information:  I ask the following:  (1)   Keeping our weekly fees at $40.00 and cutting back on several things or moving the weekly fees to $45.00 (this increases fees to $9.00 a player instead of $8.00 a player)  The cut backs were stated as cutting back on Payback at the end of the session including only paying 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place and not having any payback on 5th place and under.  The 40 votes for keeping fees at $40 and 12 voted to move to $45.00.  Two wanted to move to $50.00 but we will keep it at $40.00 and will vote on this again in Spring Session.  We had 5 votes to keep at $40 and not do away with the payback for below 4th place.      (2)      We ask for votes on more division reps.  Several of you do not understand what a division reps responsibilities are.  To clarify this:  A Div Rep is out there for the players.  They do not need to be any special skill level player as they only help in finding rule or letting you know of the correct rule they know, finding new players, helping new teams get settled in and bring any info or rumors out there to my attention.  They keep their source private and  I never know who says what just what is going on.  So as some of you see, a skill level 6 and above is not necessarily needed to be a Rep.   (3)  I ask about haveing a scorekeeping clinic where players can attend to learn the correct way to keep score and what defensive shot are and how to recognize them.  Vote was 13 would like that and 40 said they would not and would not attend.   (4)   We voted on to keep having Capt/Co Capt meeting at the beginning of session or for me just to post Material for the meeting on the web site and facebook and deliver trophies and/or packages to team home locations for the first night.  26 voted to do away with meetings and just have tournaments and 20 voted to keep having meetings and 5 told me to do what I want.   (5)  We have had several suggestions and they were:  Go back to earned MVP/Best of Best tournament instead of just anyone attend   --   Going back to 7:30 instead of 7:00 and playing 1 match and split after the first match   -   Communication needs to be better (i agree) but it is hard when you send out 589 emails and only 169 of them are opened  -  Quicker scoresheet processing   --   Stiffer penalties for sandbagging  --  get more teams in the league ( I need your help with that)  --  Answering email faster  -- and last but no where least, update website and add photo's and re-do the looks and info.    Well that is it in a nut shell except for the NO HEADPHONES RULE:  It was a huge vote to go back to NO headphones at the table.  The new by-laws says you can but I did that before the vote.  I will amend them.  I was ask about if neither player or captains object to the earphones, well it is up to the team just like playing a player twice.     Please send me your suggestions, i will answer you best I can or call Dawn, your division rep.  (813-786-6149)

NO 24 Rule in 9-Ball!  This was meant to be discussed and bugs worked out.  Without suggesting ideas and seeing where they go we would not grow.  Suggesting something does not make it so.  thanks, Pat
  1. Happy Friday Everyone. I am looking for a few players: 2 players for Monday Night home location Fatso's; 4 players for Tuesday night Double Jeopardy home location Fatso's; Also looking for players or new Teams for In-House on Monday night at Balukas; and teams for in-house on Thursday night at Brandon Billiards. Need a couple of players for Thursday night in-house at Balukas. Let me know if you are interested in these locations or any location. Thanks, Pat

Monday Night End of Session:  

      Qualified Teams
         Div 011 Qualified:  Starting Over 
         Div 011 Qualified - Just Us            
         Div 012 Qualified - We Got This
         Div 013 Qualified - Harrisons
         Div 014 Qualified -  Nev Give Up
         Div 021 - 8Ball:   1st Place and Qualified:  Mental Midgets
         Div 022 - 9Ball:    1st Place and Qualified: Black Seeds
         Div 021 - Qualified - Double Trouble
         Div 022 - Qualified - Mental Midgets
         Div 031 - Qualified - Playmakers
                        Qualified - Tony's Tigers             
         Div 034 - Qualified:  Sharp Shooters
                     Qualified:  Racoon's Misfits 
          Div 035 - Qualified:  Just Got Lucky
               Qualified:  Booger Butts  
Thursday Night End of Session:
            Playoffs Div 041:
            1st Place and Qualified:  Rack N Roll
            Qualified:  Flying Cues   
            Playoffs Div 042:
            1st Place and Qualified:   Rack Our Balls
            Qualified:   Stroke This 
            Division 043 - Qualified - Toxic Touch

 At the Meeting and BBQ yesterday we voted on several things of which I will be addressing a few at a time on this web site and on Face Book.  First I want to address the proposal Mike had on letting teams with 8 & 9 skill level players in 9-Ball be able to go to a 24 rule.  This is not happening at this time.  It was meant to be a discussion on the project not implemented at this time.  It has several bugs in it that need to be addressed and worked out if possible.   I will need to be approved by St. Louis for us to be a trial area on this.  Also, headphones/earphones/plugs, etc. was allowed last session on a trial basis and yesterday it was an overwhelming vote to discontinue this in weekly play.  Too many players abuse this with high vol. and not being able to hear what is being said by their captains/other players/opponents.  They just do not hear what is going on or don't want to hear.  Since this is not allowed in Playoffs or higher level play we will NOT allow it at all at anytime you are at the table.  The new By-Laws handed out show we will allowed but after the VOTE yesterday that will be changed.  So Note - No Headphones at the table.


Ladies APA League Info

Starting Sunday, September 21, we will crank up the new Ladies league.   We will hold Ladies League every 3rd Sunday of each month.  Fees will be $24 per team with $20 a team going into a travel assist fund for the team that goes to Vegas Nationals in 2015.  Start time will be 1:00pm on the 21st at Fatso's so we can have a meeting to get teams set up and play matches started.  This will be a 10 month/20 match played session.   Sign up NOW! More on this at the 9/7 meeting.

Team Handicap will be max of 13.

Team will consist of 3 to 5 players with 3 players playing each match.

We will play the 8- Ball format using the games must win chart.  Members must have 10 matches played in the last 2 years in the 8 Ball format.

All players must be from the same league area.

Standard coaching rules apply.

We are hoping for 2 slots for the National Event

Providing we have two slots ½ the pot and one slot will go to the high point winner and ½ the pot will go to the second slot which will be determined by a playoff of all remaining teams.

If for some reason we only have one slot there will be a playoff between all teams after the high place winner and a final of the winner of that playoff and the 1st place team.


Masters League

We start back on September 14, 2014.  All teams will meet at Fatso's for a meeting and have the first week of play there.   We will be putting new teams together so if you are interested in putting a team in or just playing on a team please be there 9/14 at 1:00 so we can set up teams.   We will again play 2 times a month on the 2nd and 4th Sunday every month.  Again, we will play the Master format.  This is open to all players high or low handicap. It is a great way to play the best players and learn special tips from them.  Start putting your teams together and email me or call to let me know your team will be playing so I can start building your division.  Sign up NOW!  We are working on league for Tampa Area and for the County Area.  More on this at the 9/7 meeting.  We would like to have a County Master League and a Tampa Master League and let them fight for the best at the end of the session.  The challenge is on......




Qualifier Boards:   We will start back up on boards in September. These winners will play the Regional tournament first week of March and winners will play in the National Tournaments in Vegas in 2015.
At this time the charge is $160 per board.  Max players per board 8 and Min. players per board 4.  We will also allow boards to be played and purchased by skill levels 8 & 9 in 9 Ball and skill levels 7 in 8 Ball.  We are working on a special cost for players playing on boards and will have more info on that in the 9/7 meeting.


JACK N JILL - we are looking to start back end of September or first of October with either a weekly league or in doing tournament.  More to come on that.


LTC Information for all teams
Tournament information to go to the LTC's straight from the rule book. 


Your Spring Roster is your Roster for the LTC.


Master APA League Info

Starting Sunday, September 14 we will crank up the new masters league.   On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month we will hold Masters.  Fees will be $30 per team with $20 a team going into a travel assist fund for the team that goes to Vegas Nationals in 2015.  Start time will be 1:00pm.  This will be a 10 month/20 match played session.



Team will consist of 3 to 4 players with 3 players playing each week.

We will play the US AM rules and format of 8- Ball and 9-Ball.  This means Jump Cues Allowed

We believe we will 2 slots available for the National Event

Providing we have two slots ½ the pot and one slot will go to the high point winner and ½ the pot will go to the second slot which will be determined by a playoff of all remaining teams.

If for some reason we only have one slot there will be a playoff between all teams after the high place winner and a final of the winner of that playoff and the 1st place team.


Double Jeopardy Formats - We will be setting up new formats for the Fall Session.  We will introduce 8 Ball Double Jeopardy, 9 Ball Double Jeopardy, and redoing the 8 & 9 Ball Double Jeopardy.  This will give players a chance of playing every one on their roster and offering two chances at the LTC's in 2015.  If your team plays in the County Area and in the Tampa City Area this will give your team a chance to qualify in 2 LTC's.  Doubling your chance at the Vegas trip.  Working on this now.  Call or email me if you are interested.


 We service all of Hillsborough County, so have some fun and remember our moto:  "Everyone can play, Anyone can win".®


8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies Alt, 8-Ball Open, 8-Ball Other, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open, 9-Ball Other, Masters
Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool. :) Just call if you need a team to play on or want to have your own team. We will get you started. Always looking for more teams and players. Any additional info needed, just email me or give me a call.
Ask me how to qualify for the FREE TRIP to National tournaments in Vegas! Both for SINGLES & TEAM events. Find out about going to Vegas and all the tournament you can play in even if you did not win the Free Trip. Tons of fun in the BEST and largest amateur league in the world. Others claim it but we can prove it.


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