Welcome to the Tampabay.apaleagues.com Web Site for Hillsborough County.  You can also find info on FaceBook at APA TampaBay Leagues

How to get in touch with our league:   Office:  813-977-1499

11401 N. 19th St, Tampa, 33612

Pat Giorgianni: League Owner/Operator: cell - 813-503-5401

Mike Almond: League Manager - cell  813-503-5402                          Carl Marks:  Division Rep - cell 727-804-1283                                Dawn LeDuc: Division Rep - cell 813-786-6149 


Email: apa@apatampa.com

 In the APA, Everyone Can Play & Anyone Can Win! 

  New and returning players are always welcomed anytime no matter when league session started.  Spring Session usually starts January; Summer Session usually starts in May; and Fall Session usually in September.  Start having fun.  This is a handicap league and is for Beginners and the more advance players.  Call us to get started and find out where your pool playing fits.  


Life is too short! So: KISS slowly, LAUGH insanely, LOVE truly & FORGIVE quickly.   

I will be sending out emails to captains who are 1 week or more behind in sending in their envelopes with scoresheets and fees in them.  From here on these will go out each week, by the time you play next, to let you know I have not received your envelope as so many do not pay attention to the Past Due Amount on the scoresheet.  Captains will not have anymore excuses as to why they did not send them out as you have other players on the team who can take care of this if you are ill or out of town. I have let this go way to long for several teams out there.  Not sending in your envelopes looks like someone is using the team money to live on for the week and hope they can take care of it on Friday when they get paid.  I may start posting these teams on the web site after the second week is missed and the team will not be allowed to play and will be considered not in good standing and not awarded any patches or points.  I have treated this league like my family and not a business, which is my fault and it only hurts everyone who do follow the rules and take pride in getting all the info to the office.  Also, I get scoresheets that a team uses from their opponent as they did not print theirs and do not change the team name or number at the top and do not fill out the finance section in the left lower corner so I have no clue who they belong to.  This causes a lot of research and problems.


Saturday, April 18, Jack N Jill Tournament at Bulls Club at 1:00 to 1:30, skill level max. 10

 Single Qualifier Boards will be ran Saturday, April 25, at Balukas at 1:30.  Carl Marks will be there to set players up to play.  You must have 10 matches played in the format of the board you play on.  Win your board and go to the Regionals Free to play for a slot to the Nationals in Vegas.  Regionals for this window will be first week of October.  We will only be able to run a couple more boards before our close of this window, June 15.  Cost of boards will depend on number of player per board.  4 to 8 players on a board.  Will run 8 & 9 Ball boards depending on number of players in your tier of skill level.  Don't miss out on your chance to go to Vegas with a nice travel assist fund for your trip.
Want to go to Vegas and compete in Tournament for $10,000.00. We will be holding Single Qualifier Boards 8 & 9 at various locations so check the schedule below.  Win a board and go to the Single Regionals in October and win there and you are on your way to Vegas. All skill levels can compete as long as you have 10 matches in the last two years. This is a great chance for all players especially for the lower skill levels of 1, 2, and 3's as not many of this skill level competes against each other. If you can not make it we will be doing more boards between now and June 15 for this window of Regionals, but don't wait as the sooner you win your board the less you have to worry about getting your chance to win. Kim Bishop and Moe Richards are going to Vegas this month to play as they won the Regionals last window qualifiers. Congrats to them.
There are several teams that are LTC qualified that are in last place or next to last place that are subject to being disqualified for the LTC's.  Rule is a qualified team needs to be in the top 50% of their division are they are subject to being disqualified.  I have a handicap committee that will be reviewing these teams to determind if these teams will be able to move on to LTC's.  Trying to keep handicaps down or lowered will not work as you will go in to LTC's at the handicap you qualified as or higher no matter what your handicap in weekly play.  You only have a few more weeks to bring your team up in status.  You better play your heart out to win your game.   
Teams qualified in last place at this time and in jeopardy of being disqualified and will be reviewed:  
Teams in lower 50% and will need to watch they don't go down futher,  

Additional UPComing SCHEDULE 

4/25 - Carl Marks will hold Single Qualifier Boards at Balukas, starting at 1:30 pm
4/26 - Masters  at Bulls Club at 1:30 pm doors open at noon
April 26 thru May 3 we will have players out in Vegas for the Singles Tournaments and for the 8 & 9       Ball Scotch Doubles, plus some players will be out there for the Mini Tournaments.  
5/3/15 - Ladies & Masters weekly play & Last Jack N Jill at Bulls Cllub at 1:30 pm
5/3/15 - Playoffs and Schedule of Play:  All teams with 8 or more teams in their division will have 1st       playoffs on regular weekly nights of play.  Final playoffs will be as follow:  Monday night 011 & 012       will have their final playoff on Friday night, 5/8 at 7:00pm; Tuesday night will NOT have playoffs;       Wednesday night div 031 & 034 will have their final playoffs on Saturday, 5/9 at 1:00pm; 013 & 035       will not have playoffs; Thursday night division 041 will final playoff on Saturday night, 5/9 at       6:30pm.             Division 042 will only have 1 playoff on their regular Thursday night of play.
Our New Summer Session will begin week of May 10.  
Don't forget Mothers Day on May 10 -  Remember the special person in your life
5/15 & 16 & 17- LTC for County - 9 Ball - Brandon Billiards
5/29 & 30 & 31 - LTC for Tampa City - 9 Ball - Bulls Club
6/5 & 6 & 7 - LTC for Tampa City - 8 Ball - Bulls Club
6/12 & 13 & 14 - LTC for County - 8 Ball - Brandon Billiards
LTC's will start Friday night at 7:00pm and continue Saturday at 8:00 am and Sunday time TBA 
5/17 - Ladies weekly play
5/17 - Masters weekly play
5/24 & 25 Holiday week-end
6/14 - Final week of Ladies and Masters weekly play before playoffs 
6/20/15, a Saturday due to LTC's schedule, Memorial Holiday, Mothers Day and Fathers Day, playoffs    will be for Jack N Jill, Masters, and Ladies League at Bulls club time for Playoffs:  Jack N Jill starts    at 11:00 am - Masters and Ladies Playoff start at 12:00 noon.  These are scheduled to be Single    Eliminations at this time.  
6/21/15 - Fathers Day - Dad deserves his day of relaxing and fun, so don't forget 

it is time to get ready to start the Summer Session the week of May 10th. This is a new pool year starting so your roster can change even if you are qualified to go to the May/June LTC's. Your Spring session is what sets your LTC roster and has nothing to do with your Summer Roster.  Any in-house division will be subject to becoming a travel division if there are not 6 or more teams.


We are looking at trying to put together a Double Jeopardy Division.  We already have Tuesday nights in Tampa area but want to expand this to other nights and all areas.  This is where you play 8 & 9 Ball the same night.  Great way to have loads of fun and to make sure everyone on your team gets to play at least one match.  Great way to qualify for LTC's in one or both.  Let me  know by cell phone 813-503-5401 or email: apa@apatampa.com to see about putting together your team or to find players for your team. 

 The following teams will play for a slot to the Nationals in Vegas in August.  We will have 2 more Jack N Jill's so you need to get your partner and make sure you have at least 10 matches in the last 2 years played in 8 Ball and your combined skill level is max. of 10.
Valerie Marks & John Prescott;  Mike & Kim;  Alex DeM & Soumy V; Tom :& Barbara; Sal & Michelle; Amy & Blaine; Steven & Kaitlyne; Art  & Sue.   
The Travel Assist Pot stands at $1050 at this time.  Better get in on the next 2 so you can win your trip.   



8 OB = 8-ball made on the break

B&R = 8-ball break and run

S8OB = Scratcch on break, pocketed 8-ball

SO8 = Scratch while pocketing the 8-ball
8 WP = 8-ball in the wrong pocket
8OT = 8-ball out of turn (E8 - Early 8)

FO8 =  Fouled while pocketing the 8-ball
8OF = 8- ball on the floor
PNM= Pocket not marked for 8-ball


Required Rules/Info for Various Formats


We have started the 8 & 9 Ball Scotch Doubles league on 2nd and 4th Saturday late afternoon, 5:00 pm so grab your partner and make sure you have a total handicap of 10 or less and play in 8 &/or 9 Ball.  This is for a slot to the Vegas Nationals in April. Hurry and get on board to win the travel assist pot and your slot to the Tournament.


We have Masters League on the 2nd and 4th Sunday.   Any one interested in playing on a team or putting a team in give us a call at the office 813-977-1499 or text or call me on cell 813-503-5401. This is open to all players, just remember there is no handicap and we play the US Am format. A lot of mid skill players play in this where they have stiffer competition and learn a lot from our high skill level players. 


  Qualified teams summer session:  

      Qualified Teams From Summer
         Div 011 Qualified:  Starting Over 
         Div 011 Qualified - Just Us            
         Div 012 Qualified - We Got This
         Div 013 Qualified - Harrisons
         Div 014 Qualified -  Nev Give Up
         Div 021 - 8Ball:   -  Mental Midgets
         Div 022 - 9Ball:    
         Div 021 - Qualified - Double Trouble
         Div 022 - Qualified - Mental Midgets
         Div 031 - Qualified - Playmakers
                        Qualified - Tony's Tigers             
         Div 034 - Qualified:  Sharp Shooters
                     Qualified:  Racoon's Misfits     
          Div 035 - Qualified:  Just Got Lucky
          Div 041 - Qualified: Rack N Roll
                        Qualified: Flying Cues 
          Div 042 - Qualified: Rack Our Balls
                        Qualified: Stroke This
         Div 043 - Qualified:  Toxic Touch






LTC Information for all teams
Tournament information to go to the LTC's straight from the rule book.  Read It or it could hurt you not knowing your rules.


Your Spring Roster is your Roster for the LTC.




Contacts: Mike Almond at 813-503-5402 or Carl Marks at 813-727-804-1283 or Dawn at 13-786-6149 for questions on the league. 

 We service all of Hillsborough County, so have some fun and remember our moto:  "Everyone can play, Anyone can win".®


8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Ladies Alt, 8-Ball Open, 8-Ball Other, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open, 9-Ball Other, Masters
Grab some friends and family and start having fun playing pool. :) Just call if you need a team to play on or want to have your own team. We will get you started. Always looking for more teams and players. Any additional info needed, just email me or give me a call.
Ask me how to qualify for the FREE TRIP to National tournaments in Vegas! Both for SINGLES & TEAM events. Find out about going to Vegas and all the tournament you can play in even if you did not win the Free Trip. Tons of fun in the BEST and largest amateur league in the world. Others claim it but we can prove it.


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April 2015
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04/28/15 - 05/01/15 APA 8-Ball Doubles
04/28/15 - 05/03/15 APA National Singles Championships
04/30/15 - 05/02/15 APA National Singles Championships - MiniMania
04/30/15 - 05/02/15 APA Wheelchair Challenge
05/01/15 - 05/03/15 APA 9-Ball Doubles
05/15/15 - 05/17/15 County 9 Ball LTC