Tampa Bay APA Tri-Cups Tournament

The Tri-Cup Tournament is held three times a year and is considered an extension of playoffs. This tournament consists of all teams who came in first place in division standings or won their division playoffs. The Tri-Cup Tournament is a single elimination format. In each Tri-Cup Tournament, the Teams win the opportunity to advance to the Local Team Championships.


   Handicaps for This Event

All players participating in the Tri-Cup Tournament will play at their highest session ending handicap from the session they qualified for the event or what they are currently playing as in the current session – whichever is the higher of the two skill levels.


   Common Players 

If two teams meet up with a common player(s) during any Tri-Cup Tournament, the common player(s) will sit out of the match completely. A player may not quit one team to participate with another team at this tournament. 


   Remaining Eligible for This Event

A team must participate the following session, in the same format they qualified in, with at least four original members, with the minimum matches played, to remain eligible for the Tri-Cup Tournament. The roster a team will use in the Tri-Cup Tournament is the roster they had the last week of playoffs in the prior session.  A player who does not return to the qualified team, will not be able to participate with the team.  


   Sudden Death will be in effect

In 8-Ball: This format will be implemented 3 hours and 45 minutes into an 8-Ball match. Each team must be in the 4th individual match by the 3 hour and 45 minutes mark or all subsequent matches will consist of 2 racks regardless of skill. If a team is not in the 5th individual match by the 3-hour-45-minute mark, then the final match will consist of 2 racks regardless of skill. *Please note: The first rack will be worth 2 points; the second rack (if needed) will be worth 1 point.
In 9-Ball: Sudden death will be implemented at the 3 hours into a 9-Ball match. Each team match must be in the fifth individual match by the 3 hour mark or all subsequent matches will consists of points earned being doubled. 

Congratulations To Our 8-Ball Tricup Qualified Teams!!  

011- The Predators
011- We Got The Runs 
021- Behind The 8ball 
021- Just Us Tpa
021- Figuring It Out 
031- Phantoms
031- Rough Riders
031- Pocket Snatchers 
032- Balls In Hand
032- Handicap Mismanagement
032- Rack em Up 
033- Pool Players My Azz
033- Alpha Cue Up
033- Ruskin Rack Pack 
034- Cue Tips
034- Sharp Shooters
034- APA's Most Wanted 
035- 301 Hustlers
035- I'd Tap That
035- Baller Bandits 
036- Sucio Con Cojone
036- Nazca Rookies
036- Barrbarians
036- Brazillian Nuts 
037- Get Sexy With It
037- Sex, Inc 
041- Fresh Start
041- Acme Poolplayers
041- Bobas 1 
042- Brandon Breakers
042- Bankin In Vega$
042-Dead Last 
043- I Meant To Do That
043- Money Shot 
044- Eight Of Thrones 
044- Different Strokes
044- Recking Balls
044- Doctor Who's 

Congratulations To Our 9-Ball Tricup Qualified Teams!!

911- Widowmakers 
911- Starting Over
911- Rail Shots 
 912- Baller Bandits
912- Taking Names  
913- Strokin 9
913- Impractical Strokers 
921- Behind The 8ball 
921- Up In Smoke Pt 2
921- Whompers 
932- Balls In Hand
932- Handicap Mismanagement
932- Rack em Up 
943- 91Won
943- Shockers