Your Team May Lose Bonus Points For Late Paperwork!

  •  Team captains are responsible for collecting the scoresheet and all fees and delivering the envelope into the drop box within one day of the match. (Should be dropped off same night of play!) Do not rely on anyone else to drop off your paperwork, including the opposing team, tavern owner or bartenders. 
  •   If you are mailing the envelope it should be sent out the next morning and you MUST contact our league office prior to mailing AND text or email us a picture of the scoresheet.

  •  Scoresheets must be filled out COMPLETELY and NEATLY. Messy, disorganized scoresheets will not receive their bonus points for the week. 

  • The amount of $ that is with the scoresheet should be written in the "Fee's Section" in the lower left-hand corner of the scoresheet, along with the names of the players that paid.

  • Any new members must fill out an application and it should be turned in with the scoresheet along with their membership fee.