All teams who finish with the most points at the end of each Session will earn our Division Champion Award. We give out this award in both our 8-Ball and 9-Ball formats. Each team member will receive a professional full color plaque to recognize their achievement. The Host Location, that team is based out of, will also receive a plaque to hang at their location.
 Our Division Champion Awards will usually be rewarded and distributed during that session's Tri-Cups which normally takes place on the third weekend of the first full month of the following session. Division Champions who do not attend our Tri-Cups, such as those teams who earn a slot straight into our APA Local Team Championships(LTCs), will have their plaques delivered to their home Host Location the following week after the Tri-Cups


Special Congratulations To Our 2020 Spring Division




011- The Krakens
812- Tragicomedy
021- Behind the 8-Ball
031- Designated Players
032- Stick N Move
033- Renegades
034- Get Sexy With It
036- Charlies Pool Sharks
837- Last Pocket
041- Fresh Start
042- Concealed Weapons
043-Gr8 Balls Of Fire
044- Recking Balls




911- Miss No Balls
912- Outlaws
913- Impractical Strokers
921- Stroke of Luck
932- Balls In Hand
937- Last Pocket
941- Silver Dollar Shooters
943- Hooked